How to start prepping

We will help you understand why prepping is important and what you should start with.

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What is SHTF and when will it happen?

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Must have items for everyone

Prepping can be confusing at start, but we will go through the item everyone MUST have.

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Three steps to preparedness

First step

The first step to preparedness is realizing that you need to be prepared. You can read more about it here

Second Step

Being prepared is not spending money on stuff you never use, It's very important that you try out your equipment and practice on your skills. You can read more about it here.

Third step

What does it take to get off the grid? You can read more about it here

What is SHTF

What is SHTF

SHTF stands for "Stuff hits the fan" or "Sh*t hits the fan".

Preparing for SHTF means that you should be prepared for whatever disaster that may occur, whether its World War 3, a blackout or a pandemic.

The last few years has proven the imporance of prepping and how close we are to SHTF. Before Covid preppers where ridiculed and laughed at for thinking ahead of the curve and preparing for the inevitable disasters whether man made or natural. When Covid started the society as a whole panicked and cleaned the shelves of every store proving how fast everything can turn and how uncapable we humans have become to survive a couple of days on our own.

The government’s of the world recommend every house hold to have atleast 2 week of supplies incase a short temt SHTF scenario happens. This is very good and you should immediately do your best to have that in place. In case of a medium or long term SHTF scenario you should have a lot more supplies and preferably a plan on how and where you can bug out or even bug in.

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10 must have items for everyone

These items is recommended for most people who is just starting to prepare and that may be useful in most SHTF scenarios.